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The Affordable ABM Program

Most account-based marketing platforms are built for large businesses, and ABM vendors often have high minimums for getting started.


So how can small and mid-sized businesses leverage the benefits of ABM to attract target companies to their brand? At Programmatic B2B, we believe the answer is built on the concept that 'man plus machine' wins every time. 

Start with your primary objective and let us take care of the rest. If your business is less than $250 million in annual revenue, then it is highly likely that we were built with you in mind.

Complete Solutions Only $1,050 per month

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Comprehensive Program Includes:

15 Creative Assets
1 Million Ad Impressions
  1. Solutions Promo Video (<30 Seconds)
  2. Custom In-App Mobile Display Ads
  3. High Quality Branded Native Ads
  4. Mobile and Tablet Interstitial Ads
  5. Premium HTML5 Banner Display Ads
  • Up to 100 Target Accounts
  • 100 Average Contacts per Account
  • 100 Average Ads Served per Contact
  • Served for 12 Months
  • Native, Banner and Video on 23 Networks!

Programamtic B2B builds our programs around the uniqueness of every client, so your options here are unlimited.

Here are a few examples of other cost-effective products and services available:

  • Data enhancement:  enrich your customer file or prospect database with firmographic and demographic data.

  • Email marketing:  receive full contact data with email for your target audience and deploy email to them.

  • Lead generation:  create custom forms and generate leads from landing pages, Linkedin and more.

  • Reporting:  create custom reports for stakeholders based on the goals and objectives of your organization.

  • Measurement:  utilize UTM codes, Google Analytics, IP matching and website demographics for ABM tracking.

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