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Define Your Custom B2B Audience Profile

Launch an Affordable Account-Based Marketing Program

Receive a Scored B2B Prospect Database for Lead Generation

Decide who you want to reach and Programmatic B2B will deliver your custom audience for any addressable media channel.
Launch a comprehensive ABM program that includes creative, video, digital display ads, social platform extensions, email marketing and much more.
Choose how many leads you want and receive a scored prospect database that your sales team can leverage for new business development.

One source for everything you need to launch an effective account-based marketing program at a reasonable price.

Just name your objective, describe your best customers and share your unique business value proposition with us. From there, your Group Account Director will provide a comprehensive plan for your review. If accepted, then your campaign can start in less than one week. There is NO CHARGE to build a plan, and you only pay if you decide to move forward with activation.

There is no risk or obligation whatsoever, and every new client receives
custom reporting based on their unique objectives.


Getting Started is Easy as 1-2-3

Watch our '3-Steps' video below to see how easy it is for small and mid-sized businesses to launch a campaign.

B2B Digital Advertising Agency Case Studies

Environmental Testing Services (ETS) Hybrid Search Case Study

Programmatic B2B, LLC worked with the ETS CEO and stakeholders to understand their market and the problems they solve for landlords, renters and homeowners. Secure access to Google Ads and Network Solutions was granted to a sole Programmatic B2B gatekeeper and administrator to manage paid search campaigns, content creation and content management as a hybrid approach to integrated search marketing.

In summary, a 4-month incremental investment of $1,500 (42% or +$375 per month) resulted in a qualified organic web site traffic increase over 400%. Minimal technical changes were required to keep costs down. There was no need to move to a new content management system (CMS) or new website builder. Programmatic B2B simply made the best of what was already there and then did the same with paid search by engaging our dedicated Google representatives to align our paid search investment with the new content and landing pages as ad extensions.​

The resulting paid search return on ad spend (ROAS) was also positive for the same reporting period. July - October 2022 cost per lead was $47.20 compared with $82.56 for the same period in 2021. Corresponding conversion rates (full form fill with comprehensive client detail on inspection site) improved from 4.3 percent in 2021 to 7.2 percent in 2022. Details on web, tablet and mobile device traffic were also analyzed to prove the resulting cross-devices targeting effectiveness as well.

Access the complete
hybrid search case study here.

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B2B-2C Data Bridge Processing for Online Display Audience Creation

Programmatic B2B worked with Data-Axle, a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions, to leverage data and specific processing steps designed to boost onboarding rates. Infogroup was given with a file of unique business contacts of which, less than 25% had an existing email address.  They were asked to match the business records to verified business and consumer emails and return encrypted email data for onboarding in a non-PII (non-Personally Identifiable Information) way.

Programmatic B2B submitted the records for onboarding via their DSP and was able to achieve an incremental online display reach of unique individuals 4.9 times higher than previously had been possible with the onboarding of the CRM B2B email file alone.

Access the complete
 B2B-2C data bridge processing case study here.
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Niche Industry Targeting for B2B Digital Advertising

Immediately following the onset of Covid-19, auction houses in the US and the UK were forced to close temporarily. This seriously impacted organizations that did not have a system in place for facilitating fixed prices sales or conducting auctions online. Just a few months prior, our client launched a user-friendly auction system to make it easier than ever for auction houses and traders to become digital players. Amid a global pandemic, the timing was right to introduce this platform to auction houses and help them get up and running.

In addition to mining the top US business databases, Programmatic B2B applied a ‘man plus machine’ research process to append 2,000 incremental contacts, mostly UK-based, not found on the major databases. The result was an audience of over 18,000 targeted decision-makers and influencers from within the following categories for the US (and equivalent for the UK):

  • SIC Code 59999002 for Auction Rooms
  • SIC Code 73890110 for Auctioneers
  • SIC Code 73890120 for Auctions and Appraising

The custom audiences were onboarded for display advertising in a non-PII way, using full contact information and IP addresses for expanded reach.
Access the complete niche industry targeting case study here.
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