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There is no better B2B intent signal than this

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Imagine this. On average, 8,000 new businesses open in the US every day, and there is undoubtedly no better prospect for new B2B products and services than a new business owner.

Great, so how do you reach them?

Until now, the shortest distance from B2nB (Business to new Business) has been traveled via traditional channels requiring PII (personally identifiable information). Cold calling and cold email are defaults because they are known, fast and cheap, but we live in a digital age. The time has come to leverage the open web and reach new business owners quickly and efficiently where they are engaged.

What if you could serve a series of native, banner and video display ads to a new business owner within hours of their official registration?

That's the goal of our new Programmatic B2B partner -- MarketForce Corporation, whose Premiere New Business Owner Database is exhaustively compiled every hour of the day, 365 days a year.

MarketForce Programmatic B2B

Second place is not acceptable for our clients, so when they require us to deliver cross-device targeting of new business owners via programmatic B2B advertising we need act fast. Only MarketForce enables us to deliver on our aggressive client promise to deliver ads to new businesses before their competitors -- every time. Our clients tell us exactly what types of new businesses and who they want to reach, and we have their targeted, privacy-compliant programmatic campaigns activated within 24 hours using real-time new business data. Most importantly, this applies to niche custom audiences as well – no file size is too big or too small.

Our partnership with MarketForce is exceptional, because it enables lightning-fast activation of multichannel ad programs that deliver significant lift across the board. Chris DeMartine, Managing Director, Programmatic B2B

True partnerships flourish when both parties receive exceptional value, so we are fortunate to have fused together the agility of Programmatic B2B data onboarding and campaign activation with MarketForce's rapid data compilation and custom file delivery processes.

Since we compile our New Business Owner data in real-time and get it to clients quickly, we needed to find a partner that could do the same in a privacy-compliant manner across the open web. We are happy to say that we found that rapid data onboarding and campaign activation with Programmatic B2B, and are pleased to bring them on as an official ROI Network partner. Bruce Kimmel, Senior Vice President, New Business Growth, MarketForce Corporation

Most important is the fact that digital advertisers win with the ability to reach new business owners faster than ever before!

Eventually, some big data giant will figure out a way to get this job done but don't hold your breath. Programmatic advertising has been around for a pretty long time and these audiences are still aging rapidly on the platforms without the benefits of niche targeting. So until that time comes there really is only one agile solution and we are proud to be a part of it.

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