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Catching Up to the Speed of Light

With projected global digital marketing expenditures closing in on half a trillion US dollars in 2022 alone, it is no surprise that demand for programmatic business-to-business (B2B) advertising is increasing fast and early adopters are reaping the benefits. This global digital marketing marketplace has three pillars—hardware, software and content, where integration finds its foundation. Innumerable problems created by this colossal mass of digitized communications between humans and machines are yet to be identified, especially as it relates to the social, emotional and relational reality of our connected world. Thoughts, words and images exchange across the globe in seconds, but after reading a YaleNews article by Jim Shelton, this slowpoke we call the Internet still has some catching up to do. The article points out that, primarily due to network latency, Internet data moves 37 to 100 times slower than the speed of light ( 670,000,000 MPH ).

The point is this—created ecosystems would not exist without the actionable intelligence of their creators and innovation continues to advance only when the human mind is engaged in the processing. Therefore, ‘man plus machine wins every time’. It's time to put you and your team in th driver’s seat of today’s technology that powers your business growth. Information technology and the digital marketing landscape are only as powerful as we allow them to be. Algorithms can make millions of quantitative decisions in the twinkling of an eye, but they starve without the input variables provided by the truly qualified decision-making authorities—simply stated, that’s you, me and every other person on the planet who puts the machines to work for marketing efficiency. In order to do that, we need to have an organized and systematic approach to digital advertising and marketing automation. Platforms alone will not solve our complex problems, but they can and often do free our minds to think strategically about what matters most—our current and future customers’ problems, needs and desires.

So while this team of latency reducing researchers are working to build a Speed-of-Light Internet, we can be confident that the platforms currently available to us are sufficient to deliver profitable results from our B2B digital advertising campaigns.

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