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B2B Digital Advertising Case Study

Programmatic B2B, LLC and Data Axle, July 2020

The Problem

Programmatic B2B’s global client struggled to reach their target audience with display campaigns for a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Their existing data partner was unable to achieve a high enough match rate of email addresses to the input file, which resulted in low onboarding rates, particularly within the niche markets they wanted to target.

The Hypothesis

Linking business and consumer identity before onboarding will significantly improve

global reach available via their Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

The Test

Programmatic B2B worked with Data Axle (formerly Infogroup), a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions, to leverage data and specific processing steps designed to boost onboarding rates. Infogroup was given with a file of unique business contacts of which, less than 25% had an existing email address.  They were asked to match the business records to verified business and consumer emails and return encrypted email data for onboarding in a non-PII (non-Personally Identifiable Information) way.

The Results                                               

Data Axle utilized their proprietary expanded business and consumer databases as well as ExecuReach, a database that specifically links business and consumer profiles. In many cases, multiple email addresses were matched to an individual record, which improved the DSP's chances of onboarding the record. Infogroup was able to successfully appended nearly five times more email addresses (MD5 Hashed) than were on the original file. 

B2B2C Case Study Graph.png

Programmatic B2B submitted the records for onboarding via their DSP and was able to achieve an incremental online display reach of unique individuals 4.9 times higher than previously had been possible with the onboarding of the CRM B2B email file alone.

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