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5 Questions for a Programmatic ABM Campaign

Technology has become a global frenemy on multiple levels from social media to complex digital advertising platforms. In order for man plus machine to be a winning combination, it is important to simplify your objectives before diving into the deep end of ABM platforms -- especially those that require a significant upfront investment.

Here are 5 easy questions to get your program started on the right track:

  1. How many companies (target accounts) do you want to reach?

  2. How many people (contacts by job title) do you want to reach?

  3. How often to you want to reach them (frequency per day)?

  4. How would you like to reach them (digital advertising channels)?

  5. Would you also like to send them prospect email (how often)?

These are the introduction quesions on the Programmatic B2B ABM-ROI calculator. Just click on the image below to give it a try.

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