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Account-Based Reporting for ABM

One of the greatest benefits of ABM is the detailed account-based reporting that can be shared with sales and marketing users. Whether an account is a potential prospect, a pipeline opportunity, or a growth client, they can be monitored for engagement with marketing communications across most channels.

If you are running any digital display, native or online video campaigns that are targeting specific accounts, then it is important to make sure you are measuring the results accordingly. For example, if you have an ABM campaign with 10 small to mid-sized business accounts and one enterprise account mixed in, then you'll want to know how much of your budget is being allocated to the larger account.

It's possible that almost all of an ABM program budget can be eaten up by a couple of massive companies on the hit list, leaving other accounts starving for attention. This can easily be resolved, but only if you have the data to support the adjustments.

Programmatic B2B Marketing Data Industry ABR (Account-Based Reporting) Sample

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