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A User-Friendly B2B Solution for a Complicated Process

Most ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and B2B (Business-To-Business) digital marketing programs require significant investments in time and money, but that should not be the case for testing new solutions. Traditional marketing best practices always begin with a controlled test and relatively small investment to get a read on performance. While this approach still works for the continuous improvement of most DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) advertising programs, it falls short when applied to campaigns targeting senior level business decision-makers.

Effective new business development is a collaborative process, where success is highly dependent on transparency and seamless sales and marketing integration. This only works when the target audience and unique value proposition are clearly defined and agreed upon by sales and marketing stakeholders. Who wouldn't agree with that?

Unfortunatley, technology has done as much to dismantle collaboration as it has to facilitate it. Something often breaks-down after the initial agreement of sales and marketing leaders on goals and objectives. Sales managers go back to their CRM platform of choice, and marketers begin the process of acquiring their target audience and developing messaging and creative assets for execution of a program. Now operating independently, the gap widens and programs lose their edge for delivering a strong RoAS (Return on Ad Spend).

So why not have a place where logins are not required, users can make decisions together, and an objective third-party can deliver a proposed solution that can be executed accurately and efficiently in a measureable manner?

B2B Digital Audience Builder

Programmatic B2B is committed to delivering this for ABM and other new business development functions, with an emphasis on delivery comprehensive solutions for small to mid-sized businesses around the world.

Are you ready? Give the B2B Audience Builder a test drive today!

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