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How to Create an ABM Campaign

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

August 18, 2021

New ABM Interface Launched for B2B Marketers!

The new ABM audience builder interface presented below is now publicly available to help B2B marketers get started with a comprehensive ABM approach at an acceptable cost. It includes options for uploading companies, contact titles, intent keywords and creative assets. Digital media selections include display, video, social, mobile, email, retargeting and more!

Most seasoned business development executives can remember the days when deploying emails and dialing company phones were the factors of a numbers game to generate new leads for B2B organizations. Things have changed. Today, the big players have access to enterprise systems and powerful platforms for targeted ABM promotions and prospecting. But what about the other 200,000+ B2B firms in the US alone that don't have the luxury of in-house integration? The challenge is even greater for firms outside the US, where privacy legislation limits the use of targeting to the company.

Therefore, outsourcing becomes inevitable and projects become much greater in scale and complexity when agency overhead gets factored into the equation. In an era when the DSP has become a 'commodity', now is the time to take technology one step closer to the marketer and bring together all of the aspects of an ABM program in one place.

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