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SMBs Winning One 'Whale' Account at a Time

Updated: May 12, 2021

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are beginning to leverage traditional Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tactics to land 'whales', one massive account at a time. The events of the recent year have made it even easier for this to happen. Why?

For several reasons, mostly related to a pandemic-leveling of the playing field. Many SMB's found themselves competing in the same arena as large consultancies, agencies, and big tech companies. Advancements in technology have lead to user-friendly solutions, enabling individuals and companies of any size to tackle ABM and lead generation programs in-house at a fraction of the agency cost.

For example, ZoomInfo and Adapt enable users to access firmagraphic and contact information with email and phones for targeted B2B marketing.

Creative development has never been easier and it keeps getting better. Adobe is not the only game in town. Affordable platforms like Creatopy and PROMO have emerged from Romania and Israel to empower all of us to build brands, engage buyers and make an impact. These companies are hungry to help and growing their respective user bases rapidly, so upgrades and new capabilities are the norm.

User-friendly Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) like The Trade Desk and Choozle enable users to run targeted B2B campaigns for custom audiences with site lists for contextual targeting in a non-PII way. And, if you are concerned about the onboarding process, then stop worrying. Do you know how to copy and paste into MS Excel? If you've answered "yes", then you are qualified. The aforementioned DSPs are handling the data partnerships for you on the backend, with an easy set of guidelines for you to load your customer files.

Platforms like Lead Forensics and Leadfeeder enable B2B marketers to identify site traffic by company name and more. This is great for tying back ABM efforts back to the source and for monitoring interest level based on web pages visited and time spent on those pages.

We've vetted dozens of platforms and rely on G2 crowd-sourcing to weigh in on our value-based decision process.

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