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Top 7 B2B Resources for 2023

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The economy may not be great right now, but the opportunities to drive revenue growth and efficiences are better than ever. Marketing automation and ad tech providers have made it easier to get sales and marketing teams in alignment, while new competitive marketing services providers are challenging the traditional agency model to reduce costs and associated campaign investment risk.

Therefore, if you're gearing up for 2023, then here are 7 Programmatic B2B resources to help you invest wisely, get organized and gain control in the coming year.


#1 US B2B Digital Ad Spending Forecast

Every year, Insider Intelligence (eMarketer) publishes the US B2B Digital Ad Spending Forecast.

It is no surprise that the shift to digital is permanent, but the underlying insight and value from this report will help you plan for better return on ad spend in the future. Don't rely solely on your experience to plan for 2023. The US B2B digital ad spending forecast from Insider Intelligence includes everything you need, including a breakdown of top industries, trends and guidance from industry experts who invest heavily in B2B advertising solutions. Your predictions may be wise, but n=1 is never a good basis for planning.

#2 Programmatic B2B Digital RFP Builder

Before you take on that next big project--try this! The new RFP builder enables B2B marketers get started with a comprehensive solution at an acceptable cost. The interface supports uploading lists of accounts, contact titles, intent keywords and creative assets. Targeted digital media selections include display, native, video, social, mobile, email, retargeting, CTV and more!

#3 Fortune 1000 Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Would you like for your next 'whale' to be a Fortune 1000 account? The new account-based marketing (ABM) prospect databases are now available for cross-device targeting on the open web with hundreds of content and creative options for real engagement. Just watch for your industry to appear on the screen and review the list of Fortune 1000 companies and contacts for your next ABM campaign.

#4 B2B Digital Advertising Lead Gen Forecast Template

Don't put a dozen digital eggs in one marketing basket. Instead, structure your B2B digital advertising investment like a mutual fund to reduce risk and maximize return on advertising spend (ROAS).

The B2B Digital Lead Generation Forecast Tool will help bridge the gap between marketing and sales with a continuous improvement process for measuring the average cost for MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads).

#5 Top 10 B2B Digital Campaign Checklist

B2B sales cycles can feel like a marathon. After all, you're not just selling a six-pack of ice cold beer on a hot summer day. This top 10 checklist can help. This checklist will help you get organized and make sure you have the ingredients and recipe for a winning B2B digital marketing campaign.

#6 SIC Codes and B2B Data Dictionary

This downloadable B2B data resource provides a detailed SIC description and code listing of every niche industry from Airlines (A) to Zinc (Z) Mining. Programmatic B2B has a network of 15+ business data partners for an objective approach to constructing quality audiences.

#7 Subscribe to Programmatic B2B

Get notified when new content is published, read it or re-use it. Topics include B2B thought leadership, ad performance indices and more!

With projected global digital marketing expenditures closing in on half a trillion US dollars in 2022 alone, it is no surprise that demand for programmatic business-to-business (B2B) advertising is increasing fast and early adopters are reaping the benefits. This global digital marketing marketplace has three pillars—hardware, software and content, where integration finds its foundation. Innumerable problems created by this colossal mass of digitized communications between humans and machines are yet to be identified, especially as it relates to the social, emotional and relational reality of our connected world.

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