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Programmatic Testing 1-2-3

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) only... or maybe not? The testing of programmatic advertising is still getting mixed reviews from B2B marketers. While most of the same factors affecting B2C advertisers are relevant to B2B, there is another challenge. Audience targeting options for B2B are significantly limited when compared to all of the targeting attributes, machine learning and AI available for B2C advertising.

Nevertheless, programmatic advertising for B2B is on the rise and so are the companies supporting it across the digital advertising landscape. The BPA Media Exchange is a great example of how a global assurance provider is delivering access to demand from major trading desks, demand-side platforms and brands, as well as guaranteed inventory sold by business publishers. It's a great bet on success for the future, especially given the trends in privacy and concerns related to bots, fraud and measurement. In the meantime, transparency still matters -- and for businesses with limited budget and unlimited desire to test and learn, there need to be cost-effective options.

Marketing automation has come a long way, but implementation costs are high for the most effective multi-channel marketing solutions. With the intent to deliver cross-channel insights and results, a new 3-month B2B digital advertising test program was developed for account-based marketing.

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