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Account-Based Marketing

Most account-based marketing platforms are built for large businesses, and ABM vendors often have high minimums for getting started.


So how can small and mid-sized businesses leverage the benefits of ABM to attract target companies to their brand? At Programmatic B2B, we believe the answer is built on the concept that 'man plus machine' wins every time. 

Start with your primary objective and let us take care of the rest. If your business is less than $250 million in annual revenue, then it is highly likely that we were built with you in mind.

Comprehensive ABM Solution

Our comprehensive account-based marketing solution is built for small businesses with a desire to make every investment dollar count towards business growth.


The program starts with your core objectives and ends with a scored prospect database that may very well be your most valuable sales and marketing asset. 

Is ABM affordable for small business?

The answer is yes! Watch our 60 second video about affordable account-based marketing (ABM) for small to mid-sized businesses. For more information, give us a call at 1 855 PRO - BTOB.

The ABM Campaign Process

The account-based marketing (ABM) campaign process always starts with your goals and objectives. From there, our experienced team will develop your audience, content and a comprehensive program for digital media activation. 

B2B Digital Advertising Process
Digital Media Channels

ABM Solution Includes

  1. Complete creative package including video, static display and html email.

  2. Prospect database including full contact information with email and phone.

  3. Acquisition email campaign with personalized fields and content.

  4. Data onboarding for targeted display advertising in a non-PII way.

  5. Search retargeting for up to 500 B2B intent keyword combinations.

  6. DSP optimization for contextual and targeted display ads.

  7. LinkedIn ABM for maximum coverage of targeted companies.

  8. Sponsored promotions for incremental targeted account reach.

  9. Continuing optimization and weekly results reporting from all platforms.

  10. Remarketing program activation and management for lead nurturing.

  11. Web lead identification and tracking by account name with attribution.

  12. Ongoing consultation to make sure your team is investing wisely.

ABM Campaign Reporting Template.png

Account-Based Reporting (ABR)

One of the greatest benefits of account-based marketing is the detailed account-based reporting that can be shared with sales and marketing users. Whether an account is a potential prospect, a pipeline opportunity, or a growth client, they can be monitored for engagement with marketing communications across most channels.

The following report is an example of what our entry-level clients receive for the list of target accounts they want to advertise to. Reporting may include up to 200 unique data points and calculations determined by the objectives of marketing and/or new business development.


Get Started Now?

It's easy to get started. Just contact us with your needs and we'll send you a proposal that includes everything you need.

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