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Automotive Prospect Database

The Programmatic B2B Automotive Prospect Database is built from the Fortune 1000 list of top automotive OEM and motorsports companies, based on annual revenue. This database is available for email list rental, purchase or the comprehensive account-based marketing (ABM) program. The file is comprised of 36 automotive OEMs and motorsports companies, representing over $600 billion in annual revenue. The average account has 55,000 employees.


Every business contact email address must pass our triple email verification process. This process includes a 90 percent delivery score or greater from the email list owner, an independent third-party email address validation and a personalized B2B permission pass.

ABM AUTO 1.png

Unlike most pre-packaged data products, the Programmatic B2B Automotive Prospect Database allows you to construct custom audiences based on keyword combinations, intelligent title searches and all of the standard industry codes and job functions. Additional online intent signals may be applied as well, either by search retargeting or the aggregation of web history from our data partners.

ABM AUTO 2.png

For more information about the Programmatic B2B Automotive Prospect Database or any other list, please contact us or call us directly at 1 855 PRO - BTOB.

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