B2B Intent Data Signal

B2B Intent Data Descriptions

Download the B2B Data Dictionary for a comprehensive summary of all company and contact data options.

B2B Intent Data Segments

401K Retirement Plans


Agriculture and Landscape

AI and Machine Learning

Amazon Web Services (AWS)



App Containerization

Application Program Interface (API)

Archive eDiscovery

Authentication and Authorization



Backup and Recovery


Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bot Detection

Budgeting and Forecasting

Business Continuity

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Operations

Business Outsourcing

Cloud Call Center

Cloud Computing


Commercial Printing

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)


Content Delivery Network

Content Management

Content Marketing

Continuous Integration Delivery

Contract Management

Converged Infrastructure

Corporate Incentive

Corporate Relocation

Corporate Retreats

Corporate Wellness

Customer Experience Voice

Customer Relationship Management

Dashboard Visualization

Data Management Analysis

Date of Intent Based on Keywords

Debt and Bankruptcy

Demand Management

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Electronic Health Record Systems

Electronic Medical Record Systems

Email Services Provider (ESP)

Employee Benefits

Enablement Training

Endpoint Security

Energy Smart Building

Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Equity Research

Event Management

Fiber Optics

Field Service Management

Firewall Protection

Fraud Detection


Global HR Outsourcing (GHRO)

Group Dental Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Heating, Ventilation and A/C (HVAC)

HIPPA Compliance

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Implementation Optimization

Industrial Augmented Reality (AR)

Industrial Virtual Reality (VR)


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Innovation Transformation

Integration Platform as a Service

Intent Score

Internet of Things (IoT)

IT Outsourcing

IT Portfolio Management

IT Service Management

Knowledge Management (KM)

Lead Generation

Lean Six Sigma

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Localization and Translation

Low Code Development Platform

Machine Tooling and CNC

Managed Hosting

Management Consulting

Management Optimization Automation

Master Data Management

Merchant Services

Mining and Forestry

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Technology


Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Function Virtualization

Network Micro-segmentation

Not Only SQL (NOSQL)

Online Chat Collaboration

Package Design


Payroll Services

Performance Management

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Predictive Account Based Marketing

Predictive Analytics

Preventative Maintenance

Procurement and Purchasing

Product Design PLM CADM

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Analysis

Real Time Inmem Database

Recruit Retain

Registered Investment Advisers

Relational Database Management

Risk Management

Robotic Process Automation


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Security Info and Event Management

Shipping and Freight

Skill Assessment

Small Business Loans

Smart Grid Utility Management

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Software Testing

Statistics and Modeling

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Supply Chain Management


Talent Management

Telehealth and Telemedicine

Training and Compliance

Travel Expense Programs

Unified Communications

User Interface (UI) Experience (UX)

Venture Capital

Video Conferencing

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Focus Groups

Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Wastewater, Water Management

Web Analytics

Web Development

Workforce Management

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