Who We Are

Our mission is to provide clarity, transparency and accountability to the B2B marketing process. We are located in Fairfield County, CT with offices in Danbury and Ridgefield. Our strengths-based team will be focused on your specific goals and optimize along the way to maximize results. If you are seeking objectivity and a fresh perspective on your business-to-business marketing strategy, then please contact us for an initial consultation.

About The Owner

What We Do

Programmatic B2B builds custom audiences, delivers interactive creative content, and facilitates relevant, cost-effective B2B marketing communications with cross-channel consistency and complete transparency. Everything we do is backed with comprehensive reporting and analysis. This includes detailed reports of email address verification and delivery, front-end campaign performance, online and offline attribution of new customer acquisition and sales.


Access to the leading full contact databases for building custom B2B audiences aligned with your objectives.


Unlimited options for video, static display, email and print. All creative assets are designed with your custom audience in mind.


Activate your audience on the top digital advertising platforms. Connected TV, email and direct mail available too!

How We Do It

We studied the consumer marketing playbook to replicate many B2C marketing best practices for B2B. Then we applied the winning combination of man (qualitative) and machine (quantitative) decision making to the process. Programmatic B2B integrates with dozens of strategic data partners, platforms and measurement tools to maximize Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS) for every client. 



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