Professionals are on the move.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median tenure for workers age 25 to 34 is only 3 years. With this frequency of job changes, both recency and email address quality are absolutely necessary for effective and personalized digital marketing communications.


Messaging must also be tailored for relevant needs and add value with the appropriate tone that respects the value of individuals in the workplace. B2B audiences must be aligned with messaging for one-to-one marketing communications to be truly welcome and not intrusive.


Construct custom audiences, creative assets and digital campaign strategy that are aligned with your primary objective.


Identify the industry categories, target companies, decision makers and influencers for your B2B product or services offering.


Develop a portfolio of creative assets that are aligned with your audience, and accurately represent the key benefits and value.


Activate your audience and creative assets across the digital ecosystem for comprehensive reach with full transparency.


The core value behind this approach is that you are marketing to people -- not companies, but the company is an important context for personalized communications.


Prepare for your next B2B digital advertising campaign by reviewing the Programmatic B2B Data Dictionary, SIC code listing and intent data summary. Every record contains a valid business email address with B2B-2C linkage for exceptional onboarding match rates. For more information, please refer to our case study

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