B2B House File Email List

Good things often come in small packages. The Programmatic B2B House File Email List is our own CRM file of engaged decision-makers, specialists and influencers at top brands, advertising agencies and other marketing services providers. The file is available for email list rental or outright purchase.

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This hybrid file is unique because our data intelligence team researches every contact to determine his or her primary marketing function. Business offers can be aligned by marketing specialty, making this file a great fit for SaaS applications and other advertising technology products and services. The average open rate for the email audience is 9.52 percent when deployed on the Programamtic B2B email marketing platform.

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For more information about our Programmatic B2B House File Email List or any other database, please contact us via our contact page or call us directly at 1 855 PRO - BTOB.

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