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Programmatic Extension Program (PEP)

The Programmatic Extension Program (PEP) is a comprehensive solution for maximum targeted B2B brand awareness and account-based marketing. It starts with the right audience, include a complete email program, online display, remarketing, Linkedin, Twitter, connected TV and more. This all leads to business growth with full transparency.

The Programmatic Extension Program (PEP) invigorates business email marketing with online digital advertising impressions for a unique and positive brand experience. Programmatic B2B clients have unlimited test opportunities, all of which are measured to identify winning combinations of creative content, audience composition and digital media mix. Machines will always win on processing and they do reveal hidden gems of insight and correlation. However, they need the right inputs to function and are no match for the creativity that is processed by the human mind.

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Personalized Email

Adding relevant, personal touches to business email is the key to engagement. Account-based marketing (ABM) works best when messages are unique to the culture and climate of an organization. To acheive this, the Programmatic B2B team audits and updates personalized data fields for accuracy and consistency to reflect common conversation. 

ABM Social Platforms

Your custom audience can be loaded directly to Facebook for targeted B2B advertising. Your ads will appear on news feed, where posts by friends and family appear. Our business to consumer identity graph linkage partners enable Programmatic B2B to attain above exceptional match rates for business contact data to maximize targeted ABM reach.

Connected TV

If you have the budget for targeted B2B advertising on connected TV, then we can help. Our business and consumer identity graph partner enables us to get the best match rates for connected TV. It takes a couple extra steps, but don't worry -- we facilitate the entire process.

ABM Online Display

Once we have created and verified your B2B audience, you can now serve impressions to that same group via online display advertising. Programmatic B2B will work with our demand side platform (DSP) partners to leverage the incremental benefits of online behavioral targeting at an acceptable cost. Our man plus machine approach will balance audience targeting with contextual targeting.


Remarketing has a variety of connotations. As most commonly defined, retargeting occurs when consumers are presented with online ads based on their previous Internet actions. We give you a little code for your site to add and Programmatic B2B does the rest. Everything is measurable and tracked for performance on your campaign reporting summary.

Search Retargeting

The Programmatic B2B team will assist you with deveoping your list of targeted keywords and phrases aligned with your objective. From there, we will construct a custom audience in partnership with our DSP to enable display ads and video to be presented to that same audience. Search retargeting is a great way to target intent at scale.

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