B2B Digital Advertising Test

B2B digital advertising vendors have high minimums and usually offer a single approach. The Programmatic B2B digital advertising test program is designed for small and mid-sized businesses to promote their products and services to the right decision-makers, with the right messages at the right place and time. 

If you are new to B2B digital advertising, then we would love to speak with you.





It's easier than you think.

Watch our 36 second video below for the three easy steps to formulate an effective B2B digital advertising campaign. For more information, please download our brochure and pricing or just give us a call at 1 855 PRO - BTOB.

Comprehensive Test Program

The comprehensive Programmatic Extension Program (PEP) invigorates business email marketing with online digital advertising impressions for a unique and positive brand experience. Programmatic B2B clients have unlimited test opportunities, all of which are measured to identify winning combinations of creative content, audience composition and digital media mix.

B2B Program Includes

  1. Complete creative package including video, static display and html email templates.

  2. Prospecting database including full contact information with email and phone.

  3. Acquisition email campaign with personalized fields and content.

  4. Data onboarding for targeted display advertising and ABM in a non-PII way.

  5. Search retargeting for up to 500 B2B intent keyword combinations.

  6. DSP (Demand-Side Platform) optimization for contextual and targeted display ads.

  7. LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for maximum coverage of targeted companies.

  8. Sponsored Twitter promotions for incremental targeted account and industry reach.

  9. Continuing optimization and weekly results reporting from all platforms.

  10. Remarketing program activation and management for lead nurturing.

Programmatic B2B Transparency Report


Creative Assets

Standard Ad Formats

Medium Rectangle  300 x 250 
Large Rectangle  336 x 280
Leaderboard  728 x 90
Mobile  320 x 50
Large Mobile  320 x 100
Half Page  300 x 600
Wide Skyscraper  160 x 600
Square  250 x 250
Small Square  200 x 200
Main Banner  468 x 60
Portrait  300 x 1050
Billboard  970 x 250
Large Leaderboard  970 x 90
Half Banner  234 x 60
Vertical Banner  120 x 240
Small Rectangle  180 x 150

Twitter Post  1024 x 512
LinkedIn Cover  1584 x 396
Short Video  30 seconds
Medium Video  60 seconds
Long Video  90 seconds
Email HTML Image  258 x 150
Email HTML Image  166 x 130
Email HTML Image  534 x 200 
Email HTML Image  166 x 90
Email HTML Image  258 x 100
Email HTML Image  570 x 200

5,000+ Creative Combinations