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Time to Truly Qualify Your CPL?

If you've been in the B2B lead generation arena for any length of time, then you have likely learned the hard way that low-cost lead generation is rarely profitable. Furthermore, poor lead quality can often result in distractions and some annoyance on the buy side and the sell side. Therefore, to help set expectations for our performance marketing clients, Programmatic B2B created its offical MQL-CPL Calculator.

MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead

CPL = Cost per Lead

Lead costs can vary significantly based on numerous factors, so we focused on the ones that mattered most across our clients' campaigns with an emphasis on the prospect's level of relevance and intent. It takes into consideration the following:

  1. Industry category

  2. In market qualification

  3. Decision-making authority

  4. Desire to speak with a representative

  5. Brand strength of the advertiser

Each of these contribution factors is weighted in the final average cost per lead calculation.

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