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Triple Play Audience Strategy for Industry Events

In-person events are back, and the demand for reaching attendees is higher than ever. With so many expenses factored into the return-on-investment, how can you maximize event pay-off and avoid wasting advertising budget on expensive programs? Here are three proven programmatic B2B audiences that, when COMBINED, can make an extraordinary impact and set your firm apart from competitors without exhausting your budget.

  1. Geofencing of Mobile Devices: create a geo-targeted programmatic B2B campaign that is focused on devices turned on in the area of the event and where attendees may be lodging. This can be easily accomplished by providing the latitude and longitude for the event and hotel locations with a minimal radius for accurate targeting. You can pixel your landing page for engagement and conversions, as well as get detailed reporting from your DSP.

  2. Digital Out of Home (DOoH) Advertising Campaign: create a programmatic DOoH campaign for the event location and the top hotels where attendees are likely to stay. This can also be accomplished by providing the latitude and longitude for the event and hotel locations. This campaign will get your brand and unique value proposition to attendees on digital billboards and screens in those locations. Impression volumes are calculated by third-parties based on location so it's not an exact science, but a highly relevant way to reach attendees at the right place and time.

  3. Audience Targeting of Attendees: this is the most common approach, but requires data acquisition for the potential or actual event attendees. If you have a list of actual attendees, then just onboard that for targeting in a privacy compliant, non-PII manner. If you dont' have the list, then a proababilistic approach will work too. For example, if you can acquire a list of companies attending the event and the theme is marketing, then simply build the ABM audience accordingly. In this case, you'd be able to track impressions, clicks and landing page views at the account, job function and seniority level.

The power of this strategy is the combination of the three audiences and you don't even need to attend the event to take advantage of it (but far better if you do). If one channel doesn't grab their attention, there's a high probability another one will and in the best case you'll be representing your brand across multiple channels where it matters most.

Additional good news is that this approach can be leveraged with a conservative budget. Programmatic advertising minimums are low compared with direct buys and high value sponsorships, and results can be very impressive. Keep in mind that the measurement criteria is different for DOoH, since that channel does not include a mechanism for clicks or landing page views to be pixeled. Nevertheless, the DOoH component is a key differentiator and worthy of including as part of this triple play for maximum targeted reach at any industry event.

For more information contact:

Chris DeMartine

Chief Commercial Officer, Programmatic B2B

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