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3 B2B Building Blocks for Getting Started

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

B2B digital advertising doesn't need to be complicated. The three common building blocks for any campaign are audience, content and delivery.

  1. Audience: defining who you want to reach. Custom business-to-business marketing audiences are most effective, because you can leverage the contact information for prospect follow-up and email marketing. We always recommend building a prospect database for our clients to leverage as part of thier integrated sales and marketing strategy. Great things happen when sales leaders and marketing experts work together.

  2. Content: defining what you want to say. Content for business use needs to be objective and informative, but to ignore the emotional aspects of creative can lead to low engagement rates. Exceptional B2B content addresses problems with solutions with creativity and clarity. Make every effort to focus on business needs or education, and avoid product and company promotions if your goal is to engage prospects.

  3. Delivery: the most frequently asked questions our team receives are related to delivery. "What are your thoughts about paid media on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Should we be using LinkedIn for account-based marketing?" These are legitimate questions, but should never lead the conversation. Who you want to reach and what you need to say are more important than the delivery channels you decide to use. For this reason, Programmatic B2B deploys the same messaging to the equivalent audience across multiple channels during the first 30 days to determine where the best engagement and responses are coming from.

On our next blog post, we will break down these three categories further and introduce strategic and tactical options for getting the best results.

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